We are Asia Specialists

With two decades of “on the ground experience” in local hospitality, vacation rental marketing & management, booking systems, channel distribution, payment solutions and marketplaces, we understand the models and movings parts to support Asian businesses to flourish.

In 2017 we acquired Klik.Villas, one of the very few businesses with extensive experience in South East Asia.

Building on this success, our team provides a wealth of knowledge and purpose-built systems that allow managers and marketplaces to operate in the ways they desire and compete in an increasingly aggressive ecosystem.

South East Asia is expanding rapidly as both a destination and source market, and some of the major marketplaces now focus on driving into the regions portfolios and monetising the luxury segment, in particular. Data integration and automation is now an integral part of a strategy to tackle fast-moving competition and increase one’s growth with an increased marketing reach, greater data control, payment solutions, customer service and much more.

Strong with the experience in running booking platforms as well as managing & marketing properties in the region, we (as a company and principals) have a much broader and real understanding of the challenges you, as property managers and marketplaces, are likely to face and gives a leading edge to the necessary solutions we built.

Our local experience and range of skills are second to none and we can help your businesses to flourish in your growth ambitions. Get in touch for advice on the best approach & tools to reduce administration while increasing marketing reach.

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