Smarthosts is a link-sharing community for vacation rental professionals. This is your one-stop shop for news, hosting tips, vacation rental marketing & much more.


The internet is jam-packed with knowledge. There are mountains of amazing videos, articles, guides, podcasts, tools, forums and experts teaching you how to grow, manage and take control of your vacation rental business.

But where do you find and organise this knowledge without getting information overload?

This is why we built Smarthosts — A link-sharing community to learn & share useful insights, important news and the latest trends in the vacation rental industry. A place to see through the smoke and mirrors.

Smarthosts is designed to be a community run by vacation rental professionals — an unbiased place where people can hang out, learn and grow from each other, for free. Read and learn from content tailored to you, post articles, ask/answer questions, start discussions and become better.

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