Let's Get Down To Business


I’m going to ask you a simple question.

But before you read the rest of this article I’d like you to say the answer out loud (unless you are on a train or something where that would just look weird).


So here’s the question…

What business are you in?

That’s it. Now say the answer.

If you answered “The holiday rental business” or “The vacation rental business” then I’m afraid that you answered incorrectly. Because you are in fact in “The holiday business” or “The vacation business”.

This may be a subtle difference but it makes a huge difference to the number of bookings that you get if you spend your time marketing the wrong business as opposed to marketing the right business.

People (guests) don’t go on holiday rental or vacation rental. A holiday / vacation encompasses a lot more than somewhere to cook a meal, watch TV and sleep.

So if you only inform people about part of their potential experience you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

Let me explain…

Imagine that I’m thinking of having a holiday / vacation in, say, your area.
Before I commit to the destination I want to find out a little more about the place.

That’s quite normal, right?

So I pop down to my local library and ask the librarian for any information on your area. She points me to the relevant section but all I can find are photographs of properties to rent, lists of amenities, some guest reviews and some prices of these holiday homes.

Nothing that I look through tells me about place itself.

I was hoping to find out about the climate, the culture, the history, things to see and do, how to get there, recommended places to eat, are there any local museums or can I play golf.

I wanted to find out about what day trips I could go on, what I could do with my kids, what we could do on rainy days.

Is there a cinema? What films are playing? What time are they on?

I find nothing on these things. I was only presented with information on places to stay.

I leave the library and I’m pretty disappointed.

If only someone had written a book about these things. That would have been really useful.

Back to real life…

OK, so people looking for a holiday don’t go to the library to research their holiday any more but they do go through this exact procedure online and as a holiday home owner you have a huge opportunity to steal a march on your competition if you add as much local information to your website as you can.

It’s not like I’m stuck for places to stay is it? Even in the most remote parts of the world I have many accommodation choices.

And that’s what success in this business comes down to – Choices.

If I’m looking to take a holiday in your neck of the woods think about me, the potential guest because pretty much all holiday / vacation rental owners only think about themselves.

Ask yourself this…

Why would I choose to stay at your property, over and above staying at one of your competitors properties?

What would help me make that decision?

The answer is information.

Tell me all about you and what your area has to offer. Tell me about what’s on. Tell me more than your neighbours are telling me.

Become a destination information hub.

The more information you supply, the more informed I become.
If I feel informed, I relax, I feel more comfortable and I’m more likely to book.

The choice is yours, tell me more and maybe we can get down to business.


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