How to reduce your rental stress – London, this Friday!


This Friday, 9th March we will be presenting at VRM Intel Live + VR Tech in London

So if you are feeling stressed because:

1. You feel you are losing control of your business or:
2. You are working twice as hard to maintain the current business or:
3. You know that more change is coming and are concerned that you may miss the boat or:
4. You need to be  a jack of many trades AND a master of many or:
5. You want to know where it’s all going next then

come and spend a few minutes on our talk at 3.40 this Friday afternoon, entitled:

Too many eggs in one basket?  A look forward to new marketing opportunities but also where your problems really lie!

Rentivo has pretty much predicted the last few years of disruption and continues to recognize the undercurrents of change. Find out where the big boys are putting their money and why so many businesses struggle to move forward in an ever-increasing corporate climate. With hundreds of clients, close industry partnerships and advisors, not to mention various surveys under our belt, we feel qualified to illustrate the next onslaught of challenges and opportunities.

Venue: Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

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