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We build software for owners & managers, allowing them to take back control from OTA's (Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO etc) and independently manage their business.

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No payments are taken until after the funding target is reached.

Rentivo is EIS registered, meaning you can invest up to £1m in any tax year and receive 30% tax relief.

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A changing ecosystem

Until the last few years, the Vacation Rental industry has been based on well-established models that have seen hundreds of thousands of properties, rented through direct communication with the holiday home owner or manager (asset manager). Advertising platforms were simply that: referral subscriptions that established direct connections and allowed a myriad of local arrangements to occur. The system was complex but was not broken and served a million plus unique holiday homes around the globe.

This ecosystem has been disrupted and is moving rapidly to a walled garden, online travel agents (OTA’s), such as HomeAway & OwnersDirect, are using a transaction model supported by substantial investments that dominate search engines and consumer brand awareness.

These changes have increased guest costs (up to 10%), reduced owner and manager income (up to 40%) and allowed data appropriation with mediated communication, diluting direct opportunity. The changes have increased workload substantially, they’re hard to integrate technically and have reduced business opportunity across many destinations for both owners and managers.

We believe this avalanche of changes, combined with the mergers and acquisitions, will further increase these problems and guest facing platforms be continuously modified to maximise shareholder income. The guest is their primary concern; the owners & managers appear to be a disposable product that is available in volume to be monetised at will.

Our mission

Our mission has been to enhance and simplify the lives of managers and owners, through development of SaaS (software as a service) tools. This is founded on the belief that an owner or manager is our primary customer and THE most important link and foundation of the rental chain.

A guest is the owner or manager’s client and their target market. The guest interaction tools, the marketing exposure and the transactional models that owners & managers require are our focus.

Our tools are aimed at reducing workloads, increasing efficiencies and conversions, bringing guests back, reducing costs and increasing owner and manager income. We have an open approach to systems and partners. We believe that strong business relationships with unbiased analysis and attention to an owners & managers needs are the correct business direction.

The plan

We have built the foundations of a very successful enterprise, trading for last 18 months and developing partnerships with like-minded businesses. Other companies have required seed funding and equity investments from the financial markets to achieve the same and are therefore restricted to an extent by these vertical income scale plans and investment promises.

Rentivo has a number of very exciting products close to launch (<6 months). The products are designed to automate, for you the owner or manager, an increase in booking opportunity and margin. These tools are based on all the advice of the market experts & feedback from our customers which is hard to implement for managers or owners in an already busy day. They also use technology and market drivers used by the OTA’s to increase their own performance.

Details of these products are available in our plan which is available to seriously interested parties.

The funds raised will be to establish more support (which we also see as an industry failing), accelerate the tool base, develop partner opportunities and power the rental revolution.

Where you come in

We’ve turned down offers from global investors because it’s important to us that our customers and subscribers can own and shape the platform.

We are focused on asset manager success and are structuring the investment around you. Our direction will NOT be dictated by corporate investors but by you.

Funds will be used to increase customer support, develop and enhance more asset focused services only and scale the business.

With Rentivo, we have the chance to build something that will impact millions of vacation rental professionals and change the industry for the better. And you have a chance to be part of that, helping shape the direction of Rentivo as it evolves.