Introducing Vacation Soup: Build or Transform Your Website Into a Local Guide to Increase Bookings & Take Control


With clients of all sizes, geographic locations and demands, we see polarised business practices, preferences, and demands. No single client has the same business!.

Many of these requests are from owners, who throughout their travails, still wish to have a more legacy approach to the world of vacation rentals. The last few years transition from humble regional rentals to global gorilla marketing has left many small businesses, becalmed after a category 5 hurricane.

A project called the Vacation Soup took our eye, as it plays to these owners wishes and has a creative way of developing positioning on search and referrals.

We asked Alan Egan the founder to this business to describe the business and the opportunity which will go live on January 1st 2018. With listings, a community and unique model, this is one to watch!


Alan says: “At the moment tens of thousands of vacation rental property owners are really unhappy with service they get from the big listings sites.

Vacation Soup exists to give back owners their independence. We help you, for free, to build a website to offer your travelers a way to book directly, thus avoiding the OTA fees.

These websites are destination websites, rather than purely property websites and include a ‘Local Guide’ section. This means that you can update your ‘local guide’ with information about the local area and attract clients to your site that way.

Most travelers start by looking for what there is to do and see in an area so we capture them at this research stage, even before they have thought about looking for accommodation.

Now imagine if all those guides were automatically ‘grabbed’ from your websites and published on one huge global travel guide with hundreds or even thousands of owners updating the guide regularly.

This powerful website would be the most comprehensive and up to date travel guide and thus can begin to compete with the large listing sites on Google. It then feeds the travelers back to your own websites to BOOK DIRECTLY WITH YOU .”

More information can be found here:

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Perhaps after the New Years celebrations, inevitable winter colds, some convalescent soup is what everybody needs!



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